Washington DC Day 2

by Kevin and Kim

Green group served at Food & Friend. We helped this organization prepare meals for home delivery. Food & Friends cares for people living with HIV/Aids, cancer, and other illnesses. Today we packed 250 meals for a variety of individuals with various health restrictions. We worked non-stop to get the job done because many of the drivers are volunteers with windows of time in their schedule to make the deliveries.  It was rewarding to have helped make it an easier day for a few families.

White group served at Seabury Resources for the Aging.

Seabury is in great need.  They have recently gone from three full-time employees to one part-time person.  Seabury Resources helps individuals who want to stay in their homes to do so.  We helped a client maintain their home today so that they would not be evicted.  White team trimmed hedges, racked mounds of leaves, cleaned the bathroom, cut the grass, washed windows, and cleaned the kitchen.

Ava wrote: “I really enjoyed working with Seabury because our volunteer coordinator, Rachel, was so full of energy, and our client, Ms. Hodges, was so appreciative.”

After a short break, both groups returned to YSOP at 4:00 p.m. for a client dinner orientation and lesson in food preparation. We prepared food for approximately sixty-five guests who are experiencing homelessness. At 6:00p.m. the guests began to arrive.  We played a few board games with them and welcomed any conversation that they were willing to have with us.  Later we took their food and drink orders. Once they were served, we sat with them talked and did a lot of listening. The last of the guests left at 8:00p.m. and we cleaned the Community Hall and reflected on the experience.  A lot of misconceptions and stereotypes were laid to rest tonight and a clearer understanding of what causes people to experience homelessness were appreciated.

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