France: Our First Work Day

by Tucker Ballantyne ’18

Today was the first day of service.  I woke up and took the bus to Lycée Kastler where I met up with the other Americans. Nancy and Debbie guided us to where we would be working. Ethan, Julia, and Cynthia at Ecole Maternelle Charles Kienzl; and Paul, Ben, and I at Ecole Primaire Rebzumfpt.

At Rebzumfpt we met the institutrice we would be working with, she explained that we would be helping the little kids.  We began our day observing classes. We couldn’t help much the first day so we helped with some administrative work.  Ben, Paul, and I organized folders and made sure forms were in their proper place. It wasn’t interesting, but it was easy.  The highlight of the day was lunch at the Lycée. I don’t know what we ate, but it was good.

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