Washington, DC March 6

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by Kevin and Kim 

On Monday-

We split evenly into two groups to begin our time of service.  Kevin’s group (green) went to Martha’s Table (Outfitters) and Kim’s group (white) went to Iona Senior Services.

Martha’s Table Outfitters is a clothing center that provides free and low cost clothing, linen, toiletries to those in need.  The organization also provides children with nutritious meals, supervised literacy activities.  We accepted donations of clothing, shoes, kitchenware, and books. We dressed manikins, and kept the racks stocked and the floors clear of debris.  We directed clients to their needs, answered their questions and bagged their purchases.  It was a good and exhausting day of service.

Iona Senior Services Mission supports seniors as they experience the challenges of aging.  They educate, advocate, and provide community-based programs and services.  Kim’s group Helped at the Farmers Market. They helped the residents select their portion of the day’s fresh produce and bag them to take home.  They also enjoyed participating in an exercise class with the seniors, helping to prepare lunch or just providing companionship to some of the clients that live in the building.

At the end of our first day of work we met in the YSOP Community Hall to hear guest speakers Monica Kamen, an advocacy coordinator with the Fair Budget Coalition.

Akshay wrote:

“I appreciated Iona’s service because it gave me the opportunity to work with people experiencing homelessness directly and help them experience the same opportunities as everyone else.”

 Melissa wrote:

“It was very special to hear stories of people from Latin Communities.”


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