Nicaragua March 5-6

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March 5-6

Alexander Feldman ’18

After visiting the fortress (which was not extremely large) on the island of San Pedro, we had a delicious lunch of rice mixed with chicken and ham. Afterwards, Greg, Niccolo, Alex, Phillip, and I learned yet another card game from the students of La Nicaraguita who accompanied us. It was called “Sietilo”; a combination of Uno and Crazy Eights. Then, Alex and Alyssa decided to swim, and later Maia, Greg, Phillip and I joined in, with Tali and Niccolo keeping us company from the shore. There were several chicken fights, and then, we spent the rest of our time on the island relaxing in the sun and drinking coconut water, fresh from coconuts sold to us by a man who knew how to use a machete very well. We hopped back in our boats and returned to the mainland. In the central Plaza in Granada, we stopped for a bit and we split into groups to explore and buy some items. Phillip and I, and some of the kids from La Nicaraguita, bought raspados, cups of shaved ice topped with syrup. Afterwards, we came back to Rafaela’s, and had a delicious dinner of gallo pinto, plantains, beans, and cheese.

The next day was our first day properly working at La Nicaraguita. In the morning, after a breakfast of pancakes and tortillas, we were met by one of the classes. They each took our hands and walked us over to the school. First off, we were presented with another set of performances, this time from the lower grades. There was some traditional dances, a poem, an extremely well-performed song, and another dance. After these, I did my own “acto,” a rendition of “Classical Gas” on the acoustic guitar. After the performances, we separated and went off to our respective classes. We were in school during two classes this morning, and in my case, that was a science class, and an English class. I was able to help out, by taking attendance and helping grade assignments. I made several friends in the classroom. With one student I repeatedly played tic tac toe at his behest, until I finally had to go. After assisting in our classes, we went to our own dance class, along with the 7th grade. Suffice to say, the class was interesting. We did a variety of dances, and by the end—due to both the heat and strenuous dancing—everyone was covered with sweat. After dance class, we walked back to Rafaela’s, and had a lunch of empanadas de maduro (ripe plantains), and rice, followed by some time to relax.

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