France Service Trip

Ben Dorph ’18

Although tired from traveling on Friday, Saturday was a very busy, but fun day. I awoke early (about 8:00 a.m.) to go to Strasbourg with both of my French “correspondantes.” I took a quick shower and ate a breakfast of croissants and orange juice. Then we were off. Léa’s father drove us to the train station, where I met my other French “correspondante.” I was very impressed with the French trains, as in the US they are loud and slow, but in France they are fast and almost completely quiet.  We got off the train to wait for another that would take us to Strasbourg.  While there I met up with Julia, which made conversing in French substantially easier as we could discuss the proper way to say complex things.  When we arrived at Strasbourg we met up with the other groups.  The highlight of Saturday was seeing the Strasbourg cathedral as it was truly an incredible sight.  Then we split up and returned home.  Upon returning Léa told me that in France they have “Grandmother’s Day” which is just Mother’s Day, but for grandmothers. I met Léa’s brother and grandparents and had dinner with them.  The next day I was allowed to sleep late. When I woke up I had lunch with my family as I had slept through breakfast.  Then we all went to a mountain to see the view. It was very cold and was snowing with strong winds.  I was very happy that I had gloves and a hat (thanks, Mom). When we returned home I read a little and rested as later we were going to play laser tag with everyone.  After resting, Léa’s father drove us to laser tag. We split into three teams for the first round of laser tag, an American team and two French teams.  Although the American team won the first round, we lost the second (although I took first for having the highest points both times).  Upon returning home with Léa we had dinner and talked with her parents. As we both have to wake up early tomorrow, we are going to bed early. Tomorrow I will begin my service project at the Ecole Rebzumpft.

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