Nepal Day One

March 3-March 4

by Royalti Richardson

When my parents finally left and I joined the rest of the group in the check-in line at the airport, I could tell that everyone in the group was feeling nervous, tired & excited most of all.  We made our way through the Philadelphia International Airport and on to our gate and then boarded our plane.  I was a little worried about being stuck between Kiany and Sundar for 12 hours but I soon discovered that I would have a plethora of movies and TV shows to occupy myself.  Before takeoff, it became apparent that this was going to be a flight that Kiany was going to enjoy.  I had the pleasure of sitting right next to Kiany as he told me and anyone else around him who would listen, and even calling his mom and his aunt in tears about all of the great movies on this flight & his gratefulness to God, the pilot, the stewardesses & Qatar Airlines for having his back.  Sundar also provided entertainment throughout the flight by contorting his body into awkward & seemingly uncomfortable positions as he slept.  I can now say that I’d want to be smushed between Kiany & Sundar for 12 hours on a plane anytime.  Our layover in Doha was short.  Yasmina and Polly discussed the differences in drinking water tastes.  Four hours later we were about to land in Kathmandu, Nepal & the sun was out again.  The only thing I could think of as we were getting closer and closer to the ground was “Wow, is it just me, because those mountain tops look really pointy and really close to our plane.”

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