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A chance to sing live and have your life change forever

by Katherine Hoang ’19

You love to sing. You want to become famous. You want to be coached by the world’s top artists. What could be better than doing what you love while earning fame and money?

Ever since the beginning of the twenty-first century, thousands of television shows ranging from comedy to music have been launched. Among the many television singing competitions is a show called The Voice, which was first broadcast on April 26, 2011 by NBC. With a unique competition format, The Voice quickly surpassed other big singing shows like American Idol and X Factor in the ratings, and its audience and number of participants have steadily grown over the years.

Unlike American Idol or The X Factor, the first part of competing on The Voice involves a “Blind Audition” round. To ensure that the coaches only judge contestants’ voices rather than their appearances, the coaches do not face them while they perform their act. If the coach wants the participant to be on their team, they will push a red button allowing their seat to turn around and face the lucky contestant. If multiple coaches turn around, they will each try to persuade the contestants to choose them over the others – making this round the most entertaining of the entire show, in my opinion.

Following that, the contestants go through a “Battle Round,” in which they must sing a song with another member on the same team. The coach then picks one contestant out of the two from that sing-off to advance in the competition. Next, the contestant must face the “Knockout Round” where they sing against another participant on the same team. The coach must choose one person to continue the competition.

Once they make it through those rounds, the contestants head off to the “Live Shows” where they will perform live. Each week, each contestant has a solo performance and a group performance with his or her team, coach, or a guest. They are eliminated one by one until the winner is chosen.

Not only does The Voice provide a different competition format, but it also gives the contestants many opportunities. Shantel Hubert, an English teacher at George School who used to be a professional singer, shared her views: “I think it is great for the contestants to be given a chance to work with the coaches as well as producers of the show. As a singer, […] the more experience you have, the better you become. Because you know what to expect, you are not as nervous.”

Shantel further commented on the different experiences contestants gain: “I think putting the singers through different trials, in front of the judges and on stage, is very good practice for what’s to come.” Overall, Shantel believed strongly that The Voice prepares contestants nicely to become stars.

It has only been five years since the show first started, but The Voice has produced many successful artists, such as Cassadee Pope (Season Three), Melanie Martinez (Season Three), Danielle Bradbery (Season Four), and Jordan Smith (Season Nine).

With the show stepping into its twelfth season, The Voice is starring four impressive coaches: Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys, and Gwen Stefani, replacing Miley Cyrus from last season.

The show’s audience is expected to have a blast as two amazing female artists are in the house.

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