Letter From the Editor


Dear Readers –

As the Curious George transitions to an online club based paper from the previous class created magazine, we ask you to be patient with us as we work out the kinks. Curious George is on its way to making history. As far as high school publications go, newspaper is a vital link to what is important to those of your on this campus.

We invite you to explore new articles as they appear, come to meetings if you would like to help, and recognize all the newsworthy things that happen around you everyday. The Curious George is committed to bringing you all kinds of stories – from reviews and editorials to research and breaking news.

Everything the Curious George puts before you today, on our grand opening, is written by George School students. These students have selected to take us this extra commitment. Writing an article is no easy task. When you see these students, congratulate them on a job well done.

George School is an ever growing, ever changing community. The Curious George is happy to be part of this change, as we grow and shape ourselves with the changing times of the community we all know and love.


The Curious George Editors

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One response to “Letter From the Editor

  1. Terry Culleton

    Great articles! Terrific job, guys!

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