Service Trip Participants Highlighted in Local Chinese Paper


       The above article appeared in the local newspaper, after we spent two days at the Jiangdu Special Education School.

It reads:
Student volunteers from George School, Pennsylvania, USA, came to the Special Education School in our district to volunteer for 3 days and play with the children there.
“Isn’t it wonderful when friends come from afar?” [A well known sentiment from Confucius.] Although the children at the Special Education School cannot speak English, they still enthusiastically took up pen and paper to communicate wth the George School students using Chinese. And the George School students gained quick mastery of sign language greetings, so everyone talked and laughed cheerfully. The school authorities explained that during the 3 days, the George School volunteers would work together with the students doing aerobic exercises, baking cookies, making handicrafts, cleaning, and building friendships.
“There are 15 students who came to Jiangdu, most of them equivalent to China’s 2nd year high school students [11th grade], amongst them 10 have studied Mandarin, and they are all really looking forward to these volunteer activities,” George School’s Chinese teacher, Lan Cheng, told this reporter. The school organizes this type of volunteer trip every year, in the past going to Guizhou. This trip’s volunteer activities were arranged through Yangzhou High School, and divided between 2 days at Tangtou Elementary School, in Guocun County, and 3 days at our Special Education School.
According to our understanding, George School is a Quaker, coed, day and boarding school founded in 1893.The following photograph accompanied the article.6873799_orig

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