Last Day of Service at the Special Education School

Today was our last day at the school for the deaf and mentally disabled. After arriving on the campus, we took photos with some of the students and teachers in the school’s dining hall. We then went to the building where the administrators work and we had an arts and crafts class with some of the students. I worked with a nineteen-year-old that was quite intelligent, despite the physical and mental challenges she faced, and her knowledge of music and love for singing sort of surprised me. After doing arts and crafts, we wiped down all the chairs in the dining hall along with most of the walls. After eating lunch, we worked with two groups of deaf students. We were tasked with providing them help with making father’s day cards, which proved to be more challenging for the George School students who worked with the younger group of kids. Earlier in the day during one of our short breaks, we spent time learning sign language that was specific to China so that we could be of more help and better at communicating.

After that class, a couple of students including myself stood outside and talked to some of the school’s students and took pictures. During that time, one of the students was sitting on my shoulders while I walked around. While this was happening, others were preparing for the performance and interactive games that both schools would participate in. I found that the performances were the best part of the day because it allowed us to interact with kids that we hadn’t interacted with before, and also it put a smile on the kids faces when we chose them to be our partners and while doing the Hokey Pokey with them.

I think that the days with the special needs school was beneficial to those students because they were exposed to different students and looked past their struggles while playing with them and putting smiles on each of their faces.

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