Last Day in Kayenta

by Lea ’17

Today was our last day in Kayenta. I  don’t think any of us could believe that our service trip was already over and that it was time for us to leave the reservation. Kayenta had become our home for the few weeks that we had been there, and it was very difficult for us to say goodbye to our host families and the community as a whole. We gathered up all of our luggage, substantially augmented by last minute gifts, and crammed everything into the suburbans. After our final farewells to our families and to Kayenta, we started on the long drive to Phoenix.

When we stopped in downtown Flagstaff to have lunch and take a look around, I experienced a sort of culture shock. Being reintroduced to the world outside of Kayenta was surprisingly strange, and I found myself missing the reservation and its tight knit community. Sitting here now in a motel room in Phoenix after our final meeting for worship of the trip, I am realizing that living in Kayenta for nearly three weeks, immersing myself in the Navajo culture and spending time with the incredible kids there, has permanently changed my worldview for the better.

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