Exploring Parks and Waterfalls in Cuba

by Isaiah ’17

Urgency. Far and brooding rain.

Emergency. Tires rage in vain.

Dinner. The usual plantain.

Late. It is too late for me.

It. Is far too late for poetry.

Today we ate wonderful food for breakfast. As usual. We left early for a beautiful state-run mountain tourist site, where Anna C. and Sydney climbed to the top of a tower and looked through a telescope. We ate a snack of pork and banana chips before setting out toward the waterfall, because lunch had been postponed as to avoid hiking in the rain. Anna P. and Setareh fed the cats pork. Isaiah wanted to avoid falling, so ironically and unknowingly took the trail to the top of the falls. Down below Owen and Thomas jumped into the swimming hole together, while Richard reconnected with nature, and Holdyn, Jake, Brayden, and Selah happily swam.

After the hike, we ate a lunch of pork, chicken, beans and rice, and some sort of mashed something. Upon  leaving the site, there was some trouble getting up a hill (to which I allude above) in the tourist bus due to the slippery clay-rich and rained-on road. Some time after finally getting up the hill, we came across a massive car accident, that backed up traffic to about 100 vehicles. For one reason or another, we drove past all of them, and were among the first to move on, once the road was cleared. We came home to a great dinner, followed by ice cream and dishwashing. Altogether, it was a very good day. 🙂

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