A Day in Rhyme


by Anna C. ’17

Today was a day

I’ll tell you about it if I may

To breakfast we woke

Luckily no one choked

It was rather late

At 8:30 we ate

Sydney was not on time

Her sunburn was a cut covered in lime

Nevertheless we devoured the meal

And prayed Owen’s face didn’t peel

Next, the church Isaiah, Molly, Selah, and I cleaned

Until like Thomas’ smile, it gleamed

Shovel and wheelbarrow in hand

Thomas, Owen, Tom, and Brayden moved some sand

Anna P and Setareh sorted some beans

Preparing for our eating means

After lunch

We slept a bunch

And then headed for the town

We bought some wifi and brought the house down

Then in groups we went to shop

Some of us bought presents for our pops

But Jake and Thomas used some singles

To buy some Pringles

Isaiah bought a shirt

And resembled a jousting man named Burt

We returned to the church

With plenty of new merch.

Holdyn played the guitar with Jesús

And the toddler did sound slightly better than a dying moose

Then we enjoyed a lovely siesta

To prep for the night’s fiesta

But before we left home

We all began to groan

Anna P. did not want to dance!

But an hour later, indeed, she pranced

We entered the dance hall

And found a dancer who was quite tall

It is important to note

That he enjoyed to quote

The “Phantom of The Opera”

He had a strange chakra

And did lots of splits

Causing discomfort in our midst

But then a band started to play

And the dancer encouraged us all to sway

Richard took the stage

While Plank was looking a little beige

We then tiredly headed home

Jose’s English is not very good looking.

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