June 18th in Cuba

by Jake ’17

I woke up at 2:00 a.m. and I went back to bed. I woke up at 7:15 a.m. and I went back to bed. I woke up at 7:20 a.m. We went on a long bus ride. Owen and I listened to Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska. Great album. I wore my 20/20 hat. We went to a Cuban farm. Owen tried to feed Plank (a piece of wood we have adopted) to the pig. We ate weird fruit, including fresh sugar cane. Lots of Cubans said “Happy Birthday” to me. We walked back to the bus. We went to a river. Owen and Thomas had a nice long walk and made cool headgear.

Brayden, Anna P., Tom and I went horseback riding. My developmental equestrian skills were no help at all.

“Brayden’s butt hurts his mom would like to know.”- Brayden Cohen. (He is doing fine now.)

We went to the top of a mountain and saw beautiful views. We eventually made it to the river. Setareh went fishing in the river and swam. Anna C. and Sydney read a book and tanned. Owen and Thomas jumped into the water celebrating “Summer 2K16.” Jake and Brayden followed suit. Anna P, Jake, Brayden, Plank, and Owen sat at a different table than everyone else and had a lovely, long conversation repeating the same sentences over and over again while talking about their flashbacks to Friday. We took lots of high quality photos as well. We went to the bus again to leave. Owen and I listened to Babel by Mumford and Sons, and Graduation by Kanye West. We used Air Drop to share photos. We got back and Jesus (the 3-year-old) was there with a new musical instrument called the piano. Owen and I performed surgery on Plank getting him ready for deportation; the nail was successfully removed from Plank’s head. Selah, Owen, Brayden, Anna P., Plank, Richard, and Holdyn entertained Jesus and translated the Pledge of Allegiance into Spanish. Holdyn played the guitar while Jesus played the Piano. Isaiah is a seeker, and he read and drew things. Brayden and Anna P played “whisper down the lane” with Holdyn and Plank, and Plank kept changing the sentence.  We walked to my birthday dinner with our pastor Maria, who was dressed in pink. I ordered a steak. It cost $10 and was tasty. They sang happy birthday and I ate cake. I was hopeful to come back to the church and have Jose make me ice cream, but sadly, Jose was not available. Anna P, Brayden, Jake, Plank, and Owen looked at the full moon and wrote a blog about what Jake did today.

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  1. Sheila

    Nebraska and Babel and Kanye. I think Owen is DJing.

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