Visiting Canyon De Chelly

by Nick ’17

Today I started to see some real improvement in my students. Yesterday, after Ethan was publicly lectured by our teacher Mrs. Black, he started to participate in class. He is one of the few kids in my class without special needs and was failing to live up to his potential. Thanks to the dedication and care of Mrs. Black, Ethan arrived to school today with a fresh attitude.

Tough love is present throughout Kayenta Elementary School and is necessary in order for many of the students to behave and focus. Many of these children have very little interaction with their busy parents and end up making their own rules. Because there is no one in their life to push them towards education, it is the responsibility of the teachers to encourage them.

We ended up leaving school right as lunch started so that we could show up to the local flea market on time. After trying a traditional mutton sandwich and a not so tradition shaved ice dessert, it was time to visit Canyon De Chelly. This beautiful, yet seemingly empty canyon was my ideal hiking location. It had very few defined trails and gave me plenty of room to explore. I look forward to visiting other tourist light parks in the future.



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