Destiny Talks about Service in China

by Destiny ’17

We all did our own usual routine – wake up, eat breakfast, meet up – but things, at least for me, did not end up so usual. Today we met up with third & fourth graders, who were surprisingly more cooperative. I thought about what good it was doing for us to play games and talk to these kids when there was so much else to do as service. Then, we had a gift exchange celebration. They performed songs & dances & you could smell the pride in the air. They were actually honored to be in our presence. It’s crazy how just being there in the moment can affect someone’s day so much. You could see it in their faces that it was really meaningful.

The Chinese culture is truly loving and caring. The Chinese people are naturally generous people and it’s going to be extremely hard to leave such a warm place.

Also, being that I was pushed to take over the stage during the performance, it kills me to have to leave all the fame and glory. And you might be thinking that this is my Beyonce personality talking right now, but I’m actually a celebrity here. I’ve been asked to give autographs, hug babies, and there are more pictures of me on the Chinese Internet than hairs on my head. My skin and hair are factors of beauty and curiosity here – something I’m not used to, but I appreciate. I’m grateful for the time I’ve spent here and I can’t wait to see what else China brings me.

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