Dragon Well Tea

We awoke this morning on the outskirts of West Lake in a hostel nestled in the hills. Breakfast was traditional Chinese, with rice porridge and pickled vegetables, fried dough, a hard-boiled egg, and a steamed bun. We then set off for a village where the sole industry is growing tea. This is in the mountains just outside of Hangzhou, still part of Hangzhou, where they grow one of the most famous teas in China called Longjing or Dragon Well tea. We hiked up into the tea fields, got a brief explanation of when and how they pick tea, and then came down for some tea tasting. After our tea tasting, we headed back into the village to have lunch at a local restaurant.

Then we set off for the five-hour drive to Yangzhou. Fortunately, there was little traffic and we made good time, arriving at the school around 5:30. The host parents and students were all there waiting for us, everyone found their parents and headed off to have dinner and get acquainted. Because of the college entrance exam testing schedule this year, tomorrow, Friday, is a holiday, so our students will spend a whole day with their host families before coming in Saturday, which is a normal school day.

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