Thursday in Guebwiller

Marie-Laure writes:

Today in Guebwiller, it was still a little chilly for me but nonetheless a beautiful sunny day, finally! After a day long of courses at the lycée Kastler with their correspondents all of the students returned to their service today.

This morning, I spent some time at the elementary school, Rebzunft, which is the service site where Claire, Lily, and Quinn work. When I arrived there, the three of them were helping a group of 5/6 years old with their diverse coloring projects in the computer lab. Then, I was delighted to hear from the Director of the School, Mme Goetz, that she really appreciates their contribution in the classroom life and with the different activities, and she thought that they were responsible, engaged, and hard-working young ladies.

At the end of my visit because it was also the end of their morning shift we all headed back together to lycée Kastler for lunch and to meet with the rest of the group. All of them were happy but exhausted because, the day before, they sat in two hour long classes. These courses included subjects such as math, English, biology, chemistry, geology, history, and AP (Accompagnement personnalisé). Daisy who really enjoyed the AP class described the courses as a one where students can express themselves about their progress in other courses. In the overall, they all prefer George School class time length.

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