Life Lessons in DC

by Hunter ’16

As part of our experience with YSOP, we heard from Alan, a formerly homeless man who once had a life to which many would aspire. Alan’s story was inspiring, but the most important thing that Alan told us was that homeless people need to be treated like humans. Of course, I have always known this; however, I get caught up in the discomfort that homeless people can sometimes bring me. This discomfort denies them their right to be treated like humans. Alan told us that his best moment as a homeless person occurred when a woman asked him his name and took the time to talk to him. I felt horrible after hearing this. I realized how humiliating it must be to be ignored by person after person, when all you are trying to do is simply survive. I realized that I need to treat homeless people better. I wouldn’t ignore any of my peers or teachers, so there is no reason I should ignore a homeless person when they ask me how I am or ask me for a dollar. 

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