An Outing to a Local Park in South Africa

From Erin:

Since 2001 Rod Robinson has come on every South Africa service trip. He was a GS parent and former board member. He and I were discussing this year’s trip last fall when he died unexpectedly in November. His sons raised money in a memorial fund for us to use while here.

Knowing how much Rod loved the school children in Cape Town, and how sensitive he was to the struggle of particularly poor kids, we organized an outing to a local play park for kids from a poor community and a school for the disabled. These kids would never have been able to visit this park because money or circumstance would have prevented it. Today we took 80 kids for a day of fun and delight.

Our students were incredible on this outing, helping wherever needed–holding a hand, playing a game, and keeping track of who was doing what. This shows in the photos below. I got to bottle feed a lamb! One child was terrified of holding a baby bunny, but had no trouble holding a chicken. I guess perspective is everything.

My old friend Rod would have wholeheartedly approved.

After the play park, we took an afternoon drive to two of the most beautiful places in all if Cape Town–Llandudno Beach and the drive around Chapman’s Peak.

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