Back to our Service Site in France

by Christina ’17

Today was our first day back doing service. Nathan and I work at a primary school with children ranging from six to ten years old. In the morning, we first worked with the younger children and helped them with their pronunciation of syllables. It was a little difficult because some syllables I did not even know how to pronounce. However, overall I believe Nathan and I helped as best as we could in that class. Afterwards, we switched over to an older class where we supervised the students while they worked on a mathematics worksheet. They were learning to count by threes and were able to do the worksheet on their own without our help so we mainly kept the class quiet as to not disturb other classes. The students had recess afterwards, which gave Nathan and I a short break and then we worked with students from a different class. It is typical for us to work with many different classes in one day at the school. For this class, we played logic games with groups of three or four students. This was another challenge because we had to explain the rules of the games in French so these students could understand. Thankfully, the students caught on quickly to the rules of the game and were able to have a fun time playing them.

After our lunch break–where we ate lunch all together with the other people on the service trip at the high school–Nathan and I returned back to the primary school and worked with only one more class for a few hours. For the older classes at this school, the students work with a German teacher and a French teacher every other day for the whole day to learn all their subjects. Today, the students of this class were learning their subjects in German. This was unfortunate for Nathan and I because we knew absolutely no German. However, the teacher understood this and prepared the students for a class in English. The students asked us questions in English and we responded. Nathan and I also played games in English with them such as whisper down the lane and guess who. After that, we helped the students create ID cards in English. I believe we contributed the most in this class because we helped the students learn English vocabulary.

After a long day of service, I spent time with my correspondent, Lisa. I believe we have bonded very well considering I am still learning to speak French. Together, we went to her dance class and afterwards returned to her house and spent time together.

Overall, today was a tiring yet rewarding day. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be on this service trip.

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