Saturday in France

Saturday, March 12

Quinn ’17 writes:

After eating a breakfast of bread, butter (or cheese), and jam, we left the hotel for our last few hours in Paris. We walked around the streets, occasionally stopping in a store to buy gifts for our friends, biological families, or host families. When we were all shopped out, we returned to the hotel to finalize our packing and meet with the rest of the students from George School.

We all left for the train station soon afterwards. There was a brief time for lunch and relaxing with friends, which was only interrupted by the train arriving. Once on the train, we spent our ride sleeping or joking with around with our friends. The train arrived at the station right on time and our host families were waiting eagerly for us.

My host father took Christina and me on an educational tour of old Colmar, led by both of our host fathers. There were many pictures taken and a couple bretzal (or pretzals) eaten. Following the walking tour, we drove to see a small Statue of Liberty, since the man who constructed it lived in Colmar. My host father also took me to see the bird which is on the Alsacienne flag, a bigger version of a seagull.

After seeing the bird, we departed for the house, which in my mind was the last stop, but to my dismay and pleasure it was not. The family immediately packed up the car and left for a relative’s house. Here, I meant several aunts and uncles of my correspondent and three cousins. The family greeted me with open arms, and I immediately felt like one of the young cousins; listening to music, laughing, and dancing.

We followed dinner with a “fire party,” which is a celebration in France that welcomes spring. The main form of entertainment was a wood block throwing game. You would burn a small block of wood in the bonfire, and then, once the piece was on fire, use a platform to launch the charcoaled wood into a field. It took me many tries before I succeeded.

After the fire party was over, we went back to my correspondent’s uncle’s house to play some foosball, which I was terrible at. We then piled into the car after three heated games, and relaxed for an hour long car ride back to Bergholtz. The night was a lot of fun. I’m sure I will remember it for a very long time.

Au revoir mes amis.

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