Friday in Paris

March 11, 2016

Lily ’17 writes:

Today we went to what me and my friends loving dubbed the “love wall” which was a wall covered in the phrase “I love you”, in over 300 languages, including Swedish, which is the language they speak in my home country. Once we left that, Marie-Laure led us to an amazing carousal that almost all of us wanted to go on.

After they dragged us away from the carousal and the gift shop next to it, we ascended the stairs to the Cathedral of the Sacré Coeur. I managed to fine a free moment to light one of the candle that they offered in exchange for a small donation. There was a service going on while we were in the Cathedral, so we all got to see what normally happens in their services.

We split up for lunch, after which we came back together and went to see a modern art museum. After that we all had some time to relax during which my two friends decide to go out and get many souvenirs and gifts for family and friends. In the evening we went to have dinner and then we all went to see a show named La Leçon. We finished up the night by going on an hour long boat tour which let us see all the beautiful sites of Paris that we had already seen. Once that ended we all came back to the hotel and passed out.

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