Day 2 in Mississippi

From Carly ’16

I’m being told it’s only the second day here, but between the immense progress we have already made at the house and the bonds that have been formed with the neighborhood kids, it feels more like a month. All the hard work being put into building one house and doing some repairs on another leaves us with little energy by the evening. That being said, the neighborhood kids have enough energy to go around so we have got some intense games of monkey in the middle and a couple of hairstyling sessions in before the street lights turn on. There is also a neighborhood dog we have all managed to fall in love with. We named him “Carson Anthony Maxwell Pad”, but are told his real name is “Butch”.

Our evenings consist of two people cooking a homemade meal and a lively dinner conversation. While waiting for dinner to be cooked we are doing one of two things, playing with the kids or a group sing along which also occurs in every car/van ride, pre and post dinner, and even during our house building. Today Brandon R. and Charis cooked stir-fry, with unfortunately half of it ending up on the ground in a minor kitchen accident. It was a little devastating watching as the pan fell to the ground, but also created a nice break in the intense, hungry atmosphere. After dinner we take a trip to a local coffee shop to get some Wi-Fi time since there is none at the house. Last night we all got a little too hyped up on coffee and ended the night with an intense card game of “BS”.

Today was a little different from yesterday because a group of us took a break from housing repairs to spend the afternoon at a local playground hanging out with kids from an organization called “Spring”.  The ages in “Spring” vary. We had the pleasure to get to know a group called the “little springs”. We managed to play a giant game of hide-and-seek, some wheelbarrow races, and ended with an ice cream break. The kids were only around for about an hour, so we finished off the day with a little ice cream treat of our own at the main building site. All the memories that have been made keep leaving me confused as to how it’s only been two days, and excited to see what the rest of the trip has in store.

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