Tuesday in France

From Violet ’17

This morning I woke up at 6:00 a.m. to catch the bus for school. After a brief breakfast of chocolate treats with my host family, we walked for about four blocks to the bus stop.  It was different from yesterday because yesterday we drove to school with my host father.  Today, we took two short bus rides to the main bus stop near the school and even though it was not technically a school bus the buses were absolutely packed with students on their way to school.  When I got to the bus stop, I met up with Shannon, my service project partner, and the other American students.  After waiting and chatting for a bit, we took the short walk to the service school.

I’m working with the youngest children in a very small school.  It’s very hard to communicate with the children because even though they’re young, they speak fluent French and because they’re so young they don’t understand why I don’t.  I mostly just played with the children and helped them with their worksheets and to understand the small lessons they were learning.  When it was time for recess, I helped the children put on their coats, shoes, scarves, and hats to prepare for the cold.  Then, after helping set up for lunch, Shannon and I walked to lunch as well. Today lunch consisted of something I had never seen before.  It looks like a cinnamon bun but it was made out of meat so I chose the vegetarian option although I heard from others that the meat cinnamon bun wasn’t bad!  My French host says it is called fleischnaka.  After lunch, Shannon, the people working at the other school, some French correspondents and myself walked to our service schools. We have a half an hour after lunch for free time.  When I returned it was nap time for the children. I never had a naptime in school so this was very bizarre for me. The teachers played bird chirping sounds and closed the blinds and the children curled up in small cots on the floor.  After they woke up, I helped them get dressed again.  The rest of the day I spent assisting the teacher with the children, helping teach lessons as best I could or entertaining them in their free time.  When my service ended at 4:00 p.m., some friends and myself reconnected with our correspondents and took the bus home.


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2 responses to “Tuesday in France

  1. kim caputo

    The Noe family sends big hello and 18 birthday wishes to Daisy.
    hope to see and hear about the High school service soon.

  2. Great activity actually. have a nice day 🙂

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