First Day in Nicaragua 

After a long and challenging check-in at the airport, but an uneventful flight to Miami and then on to Nicaragua, we were so happy to land in the capital where many students were awaiting our arival along with the director of the Nicaraguita, Rafaela Torrez Ugarte. We left around 4:00 p.m. and were fed immediately at the school a lovely homemade meal of fried chicken, rice, French fries, and drinks. The kids were hungry and ate everything in sight! Our two vegetarians were also served a special dish. Since it was Johvany’s birthday, everyone sang Happy Birthday, but two different versions, of course!!! Then, we were treated to a quick welcoming party given by numerous grades and teachers: poetry, dance, short speeches, and general happy welcoming. They are very, very excited to see us, especially this year now that we have a history of twenty-five years together.

The families of our students came by to take them away one by one. Nervous, but in a positive way, our students walked away happy to begin their adventure in a loving, generous family. For Carolyn and for me, watching them walk away smiling with their host mom, dad or brothers and sisters is the first of many heart-warming moments that will fill our upcoming days.

-Cheri and Carolyn

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  1. Penny

    Everyone looks so happy, so fun to get an update! Have the best time!

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