First full day in South Africa

We had a very full but also wonderful first day. We started the day at the District Six Museum which commemorates what once was a culturally diverse and economically vibrant neighborhood at the base of Table Mountain. In 1961, under the Group Areas Act of the apartheid government, the residents of that area were forcibly removed and the community demolished as a sheer act of power. Our guide was 22 at the time and his family was displaced. After lunch we took the cable car up Table Mountain. By then the fog had lifted and we were treated to some spectacular views.


We had a welcome dinner at the home of our host Karen where we had a little birthday party for Johvensky. He treated our hosts to a rendition of Happy Birthday in Haitian Creole. They returned the favor and sang to him in Afrikaans. The kids all left with their host families and we are now settled into our residence. We are happy to be here.

Erin, Amedeo, and Sara

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