Friday in France

Le blog de Daisy ’16

Bonjour mes amis!

We have arrived safely!  It was a very long flight, but many of us had a chance to get a few hours of sleep.  It was very exciting to be flying at night.

The airports in Europe are very nice with many eating and shopping options to choose from.  We had a three hour layover at the Heathrow Airport, and the group had some time to relax and recuperate. Everyone is very tired, but very excited!

The second flight from Heathrow to Basel was very short.  When we arrived in Basel it was cold but very pretty.

After passing through passport control and collecting our luggage we finally met our host families!

The adventures have just begun!

Au revoir!

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One response to “Friday in France

  1. kim caputo

    Just found this entry
    Keep blogging we love hearing about the adventures

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