We don’t just do it for the candy.

by Eden McEwen ’17

George School is the beginning of some of the best parts of life. The beginning of lifelong friendships, understanding of the world around us, and whatever else we pick up from our teachers and classmates. In other ways, its the end of the biggest chapter of our life so far. The most notable by far is the end of a full night of sleep. Beyond that, though, is childhood. Some of us grow up because thats what boarding school defaults us too. As a boarder I’ve started to do my own laundry, manage my time, and decide what I eat for meals each day. Beyond that, we’re learning about real issues in the world, childhood ignorance is being chipped away by the education itself. By the end of our four years, we are a bunch of scrubbed and shiny adults eyes bright for the future. So can you blame us for wanting to hold on to childhood for as long as we can while we’re here?

What I mean, specifically, is our Friday Halloween Festivities. This year, our campus was covered with everything from life-sized Barbies, to witches, to superheroes. And more. Honestly, we had a costume collection on display more impressive than the theater department’s. Why? Well, technically, we’re earning points for our class by dressing up, which brings in money for prom and whatnot. But I bet you even if we didn’t have a reason to dress up we still would. My reason? The actual night of halloween. For school, we have “Halloween” on the closest school day to the holiday. Since this year Halloween was on a Saturday, we had the school dress up on a Friday. Trick-or-Treating, however, stays on the day itself.








You might say the motivation was candy, or candy, or candy. Because why else would a bunch of teenagers trek from one side of campus to the other looking for lit porch lights? But we can buy our own candy. Many of us do, actually. (asking about a boarder’s snack drawer is a dangerous game, parents beware). I believe though, as one of the dozen of students who took the opportunity to dress up like I was five and basically beg at my teachers’ doors, that the number of students out there was not just for the candy, but for the chance to be a kid one last time. Sure we’ll dress up when we’re older for other Halloween parties and the like. But trick or treating for ourselves? That is a treat that the George School campus gives us.


Love and fall-themed hugs,

Eden ’17

PS If you’re ever planning on spending Halloween at GS, going all the way down to South Campus is totally worth the walk (Scott Spence was giving out full candy bars)

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