June 21: Bac Trang Pottery Village in Vietnam

Written by Birthday Boy, Alec ’16

Today we started off our day with breakfast in the hotel, where I was the first student up! Aaron was not completely fond of this, and didn’t make his entrance for another 45 minutes. Later, everyone else slowly trickled in and ate their breakfast of fried rice, bacon, bread with jam, and delicious croissants. After finishing our morning routines, Aaron and I headed into the lobby where I was greeted by the group singing “Happy Birthday.” Next, we filed into the bus and began our ride to the Bac Trang Pottery Village. Our visit to the village began with us creating our own pottery. We were joined by my Hanoi host family who was very amused to see me struggle at the pottery wheel. Then we split up into groups and prowled the streets for bargains and impressive art. There was pottery of all sorts everywhere. 

After an hour or so, we moved on to lunch. We ate pho, chicken kabobs, delicious fish in mango sauce, and cake–lots and lots of birthday cake. We then headed to a café to buy coffee (gifts) while Cheri went off to buy some eyeglasses. We greatly underestimated how long we would be there and ended up waiting for a very long time with Sara feeling less than perfect, but after patiently waiting, we headed back to the hotel to drop off Sara so she could rest. 

The rest of us headed out to an art gallery where the art was related to the fifty-four ethnic groups of Vietnam. The art was very interesting and the guide gave us a surprising amount of information in only thirty minutes. But after we were finished, we gathered our things off the bus and headed to the hotel.

We headed to dinner at True Viet. At dinner, we had sesame beef, chicken, rice, and fried eggplant which was absolutely delicious. Once back at the hotel we headed to our rooms and got ready for bed.

Tomorrow we have one last day of service in a nearby orphanage where Cheri’s two sons were adopted from. 


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2 responses to “June 21: Bac Trang Pottery Village in Vietnam

  1. Susanne Hodgin

    Happy Birthday Alec. Glad you are having such an amazing time. Can’t wait to see you on Wednesday.

  2. Linda Turnmire

    Alec, I have truly enjoyed reading all the articles everyone wrote. I learned a lot. You are so fortunate to make this trip. You had a full schedule and ate lots of good food! Have you all gained weight? Can hardly wait to see more photos and hear more about your trip. I wish safe travels home.

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