Last Day in Vietnam

Written by Cheri Mellor, Spanish teacher and Vietnam trip co-leader

We wrapped up our trip with more service today, this time at the orphanage/school for the deaf in Bac Ninh, northwest of Hanoi. This is a special place for our family, seeing that I adopted my two sons from there, and I brought one of them, Jordan, with me on this trip.

We arrived in the morning, when we met the 24 infants and toddlers being care for while waiting to be adopted. We did not meet the 170 deaf students, since they are out for the summer. Our work was to paint a run-down room on the first floor. The walls and ceiling were in bad need of a fresh coat of paint. We were given long bamboo poles and at the end of them were broom-like brushes. Challenging, but somewhat doable with the watery paint that they prepared for us.

Some of us cleaned a courtyard, clearing it of weeds and trash.

These students have been so awesome.  Amedeo, Chanel and I are blessed to have been able to make this trip with them. Thank you for entrusting them to us. They will have many stories once they get over their jet lag! We hope you have enjoyed our blog.


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One response to “Last Day in Vietnam

  1. Catherine Murdock

    Thank you, Cheri and everyone, for keeping us so up to date. The stories and photographs have been amazing — cannot wait to hear about it in person!
    Safe travels,
    Catherine Murdock

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