June 20: Saying goodbye

Written by Aaron ’16

Today was our last morning in Mai Chau. We all got up, packed and ate a delicious breakfast of pho while soaking in the great view for the last time. After saying our goodbyes to the host family and taking pictures with them, we hit the road. With a short stop for lunch, the drive back totaled about four hours. There was free time until 5:30 when we all gathered to have a group dinner with our Hanoi host families at the Vietnam—USA Friendship Society where we were treated to music played by a Vietnamese duo and great food (catered). Meeting with the host families again was a nice way to say goodbye to them. Many of the families brought us presents of all kinds. It was a sad but enjoyable time.


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2 responses to “June 20: Saying goodbye

  1. Caren Hibbitts

    Thanks for the update and the great pictures!

  2. Anawim Avila

    Wow. Such breathtaking pictures. I’m so happy for all of you!

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