June 19: Final work day in Mai Chau

Written by Mimi ’17

Today was our third and final work day in Mai Chau. It’s going to be tough to say goodbye tomorrow to all the friends that we made here.

I woke up to see Sara avidly reading her novel. After some contemplation, I decided to leave the cool of our upstairs loft. After I got up and dressed, I headed down to breakfast. This morning we had crepes and sugar, not very patriotic to Vietnam in my opinion, but very delicious. We worked so hard in the morning that Quynh, our guide and interpreter, told us that we had no work in the afternoon.

When lunch was done, we went to the market to look for gifts for our families, and when we returned we saw a big box full of puppies and their mom! They were at least a day old and so cute.

Once our shopping was done, we took a nap and played cards for a few hours. For dinner, we were served a somewhat American meal, complete with French fries (which were amazing) and meat. We said goodbye to Chanel after dinner with a cake and a solo sparkler. It was emotional to say the least. We said our good nights after a short game of truth or dare. I’m going to miss the little kittens and chickens that wander around freely. Bye, bye, Mai Chau. See you soon!

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One response to “June 19: Final work day in Mai Chau

  1. Caren Hibbitts

    Glad to see everyone smiling!

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