June 16: Monument Valley

From Addy

Two days into our second week of school and all is well. Our first weekend away from Kayenta went smoothly, and we all enjoyed the break from school. Today after classes ended (and GS grades came out!) we headed out of town and towards Monument Valley. The ride was just under a half hour—a blink of an eye compared to some of our other commutes—and we arrived as the hour neared 4:00 p.m. Despite it being late afternoon, the sun was still strong and the temperature high (think mid 90’s). The views, however, made up for the heat.

As we drove through the Valley, we made frequent stops to leave the car and admire the landscape from a better viewpoint. These breaks from driving were welcome, as the road was unpaved and painfully bouncy. I have no doubt that the cars that drive through regularly have outstanding suspension! The rock formations, formed by years of erosion, were wonderful to see. We also enjoyed the opportunities they provided for climbing.

At one of the stops we made, there was a family selling jewelry. Along with them they had a small puppy. They were charging for photos in an attempt to raise money to care for it. The puppy’s name was Jim and it was very difficult to let him go. Our second animal encounter of the day occurred right after we left the park. Our two cars were starting the five minute ride to the restaurant where we were stopping for dinner when they were forced to stop. A horse was crossing the road! It lounged across the pavement just as any deer might do back in Newton, PA. The day wound down with a relatively quiet dinner at a restaurant that appeared stuck in the last century-ranch style, brown plastic facades, and all. Bringing the evening to a close was a brilliant night sky. Never before have we seen so many stars shining so brightly. It was a magnificent sight.

Apologies for the limited updates, but internet access has been spotty out here.

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