June 16: Mai Chau

Written by Anneliese ’16

You never appreciate your washer and dryer at home until you’re stuck using a bathtub and a sink in your hotel room. Anyway, life in Vietnam has been amazing and has been an eye opener. Visiting the orphanage has made me grateful for the family that I have and love dearly. Being away from home is also a new experience that I have to deal with. The first day I was excited to “be on my own.” These past few days I have been feeling homesick, especially missing my little brothers. All in all this trip is an amazing opportunity that I’ve been given and I couldn’t be more grateful for it.

Tam biet!

From Cheri:

Today we drove to Mai Chau, but first we stopped at the Women’s Union in Hoa Binh, the capital of this province. We spent an hour there listening to all the great work that the Women’s Union does for the many communities in the province. We made our donations (three suitcases worth and money $$$$) and then continued on our way to Mai Chau. Mai Chau is actually a commune, made up of a small town, and Ban Lac and Pom Coong, where we are located. The boys stay in one house on stilts while the girls stay in another. Each of our mattresses on the floor has a mosquito net around it and we have plenty of fans “cooling” us off. The hosts here sure know how to cook! We sat down to a scrumptious meal of chicken legs, green beans and garlic, rice, soup, homemade potato chips, fried spring rolls, meatballs in sauce, and little bananas. Such a yummy dinner—everything, virtually everything, is grown or raised in this small village or in the neighboring one. This family, like most, has its own fish pond, rice paddy, vegetables and banana trees. George School has been coming to this family for over a decade.

We spent the evening relaxing in anticipation of the long, hot work that we will do tomorrow! We are going to work at the community center preparing a patio and sidewalk. To bed by 10:00 to the sound of crickets competing with one another (or perhaps mating!)

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  1. Caren Hibbitts

    Sounds great! Love all the pictures!

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