June 14: Ha Long Bay

From  Leslie ’16

Beloved fathers and mothers,

Have no fear! All 10 toes and fingers are still intact thus far.

After being cooped up in the bus for what felt like an eternity, we finally arrived at our destination, Ha Long Bay. Promptly reacting to a schedule, we boarded a private boat (a “junk”) that took us out into the open waters to further adventure — a World Heritage site, named by UNESCO. We had a seafood lunch and stuffed ourselves with shrimp, clams, fish and spring rolls. Yum. The ride to our first stop lasted about 90 minutes. It was quiet and serene as we passed a few boats like ours. Over 1600 limestone islets dot the waters of Ha Long Bay.

Our first dock was at Surprising Cave. Maybe I need to hit up the gym, but it was a brutal climb up to the cave. The natural make-up of the cave’s rocks is absolutely incredible! (See link: http://www.halongbay.info/attraction/surprise-cave.html

After our cave hiking, our second dock was at Ha Long Bay’s designated beach, where we cooled off and swam. Altogether, it was a surreal experience. There are no words that can describe the beauty of this place. Today was a day that I will never forget. It was definitely worth the four-hour bus ride.

We send you hugs and kisses from this end and we’ll see you soon!

xoxoxo Leslie

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  1. Caren HIbbitts

    Looks beautiful! Thanks for all the posts!

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