June 12: Friendship Village

From Ava ’16 

This morning we went back to the Friendship Village and continued weeding the overgrown garden which was tiring work to say the least. It was also extremely satisfying every time one of the war veterans walked by and smiled at us. Yesterday, many of them came up to us and wanted their picture taken with us. Working at the Village these past two days has shown me not only giant, man-eating spiders that seem to lurk in every window frame, but also the resiliance and fortitude these veterans and Agent Orange victims have to keep going and to live their lives with simplicity and happiness. I greatly admire the people who work here continuously and who dedicate their lives to serving the people of Vietnam.

After lunch we went to a university and met with some students around our age. The university of 7,000 students was founded in 1988 and is very modern and clean. The experience with the students was singlehandedly one of the most fun activities we have had so far on the trip. It was great to connect with them and we had a very fun time messing up the traditional bamboo stick dance they so graciously led us through.  We laughed the whole time. It was a wonderful experience and we were all sad to leave. At the end of the day, I’m always shocked by how similar our group and other young people all are.




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2 responses to “June 12: Friendship Village

  1. Ava, what an awesome opportunity. And I think you’ve learned the one lesson that so many never do; we (humans) are far more alike than different. Love your updates!

  2. Anawim Avila

    What a beautiful experience!

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