Beach Day in Nicaragua!

Today was my first time (as well as others) swimming in the Pacific Ocean! We began the day driving to the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, a place called Pochomil. Although the car ride was lengthy, the beautiful views and memorable small talk between our group and the Nicas filled in the time. When we saw the beach it was like seeing an old friend, everyone started running for the water. Because the sun is so strong here, the water was so naturally warm and inviting. After swimming in the ocean, we all gathered in the pool for a Quakerly (or not so Quakerly) game of keep away. It was Nicaraguans versus Americans and I’m happy to say we got the win the second time around.

After, we sat by the pool and enjoyed the last few rays of sun before coming back to America Saturday. I’m sorry to say that tomorrow is our final full day here in Nicaragua. In these past two weeks, we have created lifelong memories and friendships together as a group. This experience being immersed in Nicaraguan culture has been one of the most amazing experiences that I’ve had or will ever have. Leaving this place and it’s people will be hard but I know we’re all excited to come home and see our families.


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