A Special Experience in Brazil

by Amedeo, Art Department teacher and trip leader

On Tuesday evening our group had the opportunity to attend a special press conference to support Maes em Luta in the Campanas courthouse. Maes em Luta is an organization that is making efforts to locate missing people in Brazil, particularly children, and raise awareness to the cause. Vera, the founder of the organization, was extremely grateful because our presence brought a broader level of attention to a national crisis. Missing children is considered a social crime, and so the police do not often take immediate action, which is what they need. At the last minute Carol was asked to interpret because their translator could not make it. She did a wonderful job in a difficult situation and we all were so very proud of her. Mahek, Charles and I were asked to speak a few words. Later the next day we found out that it was the highlight of the news on TV.

‪It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I am so thankful that George School’s presence in Brazil made it possible for Vera (founder of Maes em Luta) to speak to the whole country about the issues she faces and the help she needs. I was even more thankful to be sitting next to her and working as her translator!


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