A Special Day in France

Today was a special day, since our students were able (finally) to go to classes with their hosts. This meant, of course, that some of them spent most of the academic day in classes, while others stayed in classes for only a half day. (Still others, Winter for example, took a trip to Germany today with her host sister and friend!!) Wednesdays for some students are very short days, while for others, they may be full, depending on the kind of academic schedule they have. Most students know by the time they are in ninth grade which area of studies they will follow. And, it is quite unusual to change paths once a student has chosen either sciences, maths, literature, art, etc. Close to one third choose technical schools. The photo of the school in this entry is the main building of Lycée Kastler, where our host siblings go to school.

Things are beginning to wind down here. Two more days in service (Thursday and Friday), followed by an evening of “good-byes” in dinners and parties. Saturday, of course, is coming all too soon for most of us.


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