Saludos de Nicaragua!

Today was our second day of service at the large public school, Escuela Elemental de Acuahlinca. While some of the group continued with their poster-making projects to adorn classrooms, the rest of us worked outside shoveling dirt into a wheelbarrow, which we then used for potting plants in discarded plastic computer containers. The recycling theme continues!


We also toured the neighborhood near the Acuahlinca school, which used to be the location of Managua’s notorious garbage dump, La Chureca. Thanks to both the Spanish and Nicaraguan governments, La Chureca has been converted into a recycling plant, homes have been built for the families who once lived in makeshift shelters admidst the garbage, and a modern school now serves the children of this neighborhood.

As we near the end of our cross-cultural adventure, the blog posts may get shorter, but you’ll soon see us to hear our stories in person. We’re all looking forward to a beach trip tomorrow–this time to swim and relax, not to clean it up! Then our group will want to rehearse their dances and songs for the final “actos” at La Nicaraguita on Friday morning, followed by the “cena de despedida,” farewell dinner, with members of our host families Friday evening.

Parents, you can all be very proud of your wonderful kids! They have bonded beautifully on this trip, both with each other, and with their new Nica friends.

Hasta pronto,
Molly and Hamilton

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