Tuesday in Guebwiller

The temperature is perfect 61º F and sunny. All of our students are continuing their discovery of the Alsace region and surrounding countries, food and other specialties such as : Kougloff, choucroute, baeckeoffe, flammekurche, lamala, Easter chocolate just to mention only a few of the delicacies one can eat. Simone told me that she finally discovered the fabulous city of Strasbourg. On a different note, Marie-Louise’s family took her on a hot air balloon ride “Montgolfière” which she loved.

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Today Cheri and I went for a visit to the local schools where the GS students are helping with counting, reading, playing games, singing, creating art projects, and much more. We were thrilled to hear that all of them are much appreciated in their respective service by the teachers. Their participation and contribution to the daily life of the children are invaluable and the children truly seem to enjoy them all by demonstrating a lot of affection toward them.

At the end of their long day of service which ended at 3.45 p.m., some of them went along with their correspondent to a class at Lycée Kastler. I saw Alessandra with Orane on their way to a biology class. Soon after, I ran into Marie-Louise and Marine who were heading to a Spanish class and Chris and Arnold to water polo.

Max and Marcus are looking forward to tomorrow, Wednesday, to spend the day at Lycée Kastler shadowing their correspondents in all of their classes for a true French high school student’s experience.


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