Sid and Jibri Share News from Brazil

Today was a day for organization. We started the day by dividing ourselves into groups. One group cleaned the kitchen, one cleared gutters, and mine tackled a cleaning closet. We moved everything out, cleaned the walls, shelves, and floor, and then moved it all back in, organizing and grouping everything. This took a few hours.

After we cleaned the closet, we took wheelchairs and strollers out of a storage closet, cleaned them, set aside any that were broken or unusable, and neatly stored them back inside. Then, we sorted through toys and art supplies that were donated to the House. After that, we cleaned some of the toys in the playroom. These tasks are important to making sure that the residents are comfortable.

For an afternoon snack, the house celebrated the birthdays of two residents and one GS service trip participant, Miranda, with cake and soda. It was nice to see everyone gather to share in the celebration.

The final activity at the House was clay sculpting. We all made something to represent ourselves–I made a saxophone. Many residents joined, and they seemed to appreciate the distraction from the hardships that they experience daily.

I’ve enjoyed doing service in Brazil. The people living and working at the house, both residents and volunteers, have a lot of weight on their shoulders. I am glad that I have the opportunity to make their lives even the tiniest bit easier.


Today, our service consisted of small chores around the house. I got the task of cleaning the gutters, first thing in the morning. I think they gave me the job because I’m so tall so they assumed heights were no problem.

Malcom and I finished the gutters, and swept the sidewalk with time to spare before lunch. Out of all of the small tasks I conquered today, the most difficult one took place at the end of the day. I never thought that clay would be so complicated to work with. I watched as Amedeo and Charles created masterpieces while I struggled to roll a ball of clay. After many failed attempts of making something to represent me, I constructed a basketball. This project was great success for the residents as it helped distract them from their daily hardships.


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