A Relaxing Day in France

by Marcus ’16 
Sunday is just as lazy here as it is back home, and for that I am endlessly grateful. After walking around Paris for dozens of hours, I needed a break from moving around. Today is also the first full day with my second host family, so aside from being a bit fatigued, I was also a bit excited to get to know the daily life of my family.


Marcus and Winter being silly on the train to Paris.

Lisa, my host sister, shares a variety of interests with me, specifically painting and drawing. She, like any reasonable teenager, had been procrastinating on her project up until a week before it needed to be presented for an exam grade. Luckily, the project was an imitation of sorts of the very famous and very peculiar Pablo Picasso, whose work is, though very revolutionary and artistic, relatively easy to make a substantial mimicry of. She worked with diligence and we discussed when and where artistic decisions needed to be made and applied. A few hours later, a near finished product produced, and both of us were proud of the results.

After this, we went for a walk with the family dog and another dog who was (allegedly) the sister of Lisa’s dog. We passed a sizable group of professional bikers, who scared the insides out of the dogs. Afterwards, one of the dogs proceeded to scare the insides out of us by wandering into a fenced area where she almost proceeded to be trampled by a horse. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful day and a pleasant walk.

Finally, the two of us watched an American film (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) dubbed in French without English subtitles. Regardless, the film was fantastic and interesting to see in another language. I totally understood a solid half of it. Pas mal!

Hopefully I’ll be well rested for the class on Monday. Until then- au revoir!

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