Adventuring to Monmartre

by Brian ’15

Today we woke up later than yesterday due to the long night at the Eiffel Tower last night. At 9:30 we set off to Montmartre. The group almost attempted “The Stair Challenge” but in the end we chose to take the easy walk up the hill. Our first stop was Sacré Coeur, but before, we stopped at a carousel. It was a good way to bring back our childhood memories. Afterwards, we headed to the church. Inside, there were multiple religious statues and many people were worshiping.
After eating lunch near the Place des Tertres (the artists’ square where dozens of artists paint and sell their wares), we stopped by the Love Wall. On this wall is written “I love you” in all the world’s languages. Then, we took the nearby subway to the Charles Pompidou Modern Art Museum area, walked around and then went to a shopping area. The underground mall (three floors underground!) was large but since I’m not a shopping person, I went to a McDonald’s and bought a McFlurry.

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At night, we all went to watch a short play (one hour) called “La Leçon,” by Eugène Ionesco. The story is about how a teacher slowly loses his temper with a student, and eventually kills her (!). It turns out that the student was the fortieth victim. I’m glad it was short, because I would probably have fallen asleep. After the play, everyone went out for ice cream (the brand is called Bertillon) on the Ile de France, near Notre Dame. I got chocolate with nuts and it was amazing. Paris is really an amazing place and prosperous city. I will miss all the macaroon stores, the different cheeseburgers I’ve been tasting, and all the tourist sites. I hope when I’m in college, I will come back to Paris and take more time to look deeper into this amazing city.

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