Updates from Brazil

by Reid ’15  and Malcom ’15 

Thank you,

To all of the parents and to anyone reading this, you are just as much of a part of this trip as we are. We have only worked at the Ronald McDonald house for two days and I already feel that we are making a difference here for the better. Without your support this trip would not have happened. To all of the parents or guardians, we are all so grateful that you helped get us to where we are and you are all so brave for letting us go on the trip as we are the first to do so. Since we are the first group to go on this trip it is very important that we do our best possible work here. With everyone backing us I know that we can make this an incredible service trip.

To Barb, Amedeo, Erin, Steven Fletcher, Carol and her family without you this trip would not have been possible. I know if we set a good standard and model, we can make a service trip for many years to come

Thank you,

Today we finished cleaning up the pantry for the Casa, not an easy task if you ask any of us. The job took us two whole days. It involved emptying out a storage room for food, taking inventory, labeling, then lastly putting the food back into the same room, only now it was reorganized. Following the first part of our work day came some down time which we used to hang outside and rest inside for a bit. I was lucky enough to make two new adorable friends on my down time. Two little girls (whose names I don’t know yet unfortunately) were staring at me from a distance so I decided to pretend to chase them pretty much every time we made eye contact. By the end of the day I felt like I spent just as much energy chasing them as I did working. After lunch we decided–through an exchanging of high-fives and smiles–that the chasing game would come to a close. Speaking from how exhausted I felt… that sounded like a pretty good idea to me.

Our next service task was reorganizing the toy room. Sorting out toys by categories of theme and how useable they were, we were able to complete what seemed like a daunting task in one afternoon. Right before leaving we celebrated by playing on the toy pianos where Charles made a name for himself on the keys.

After the workday our host family took Reid and I to an amazing barbershop where I got my first haircut in three months. Personally I just wanted to be able to say that I got my hair cut while I stayed in Brazil. We then picked up some of our homestay family who had stayed with us for the night. Mateos, our homestay nephew, got to brush up on his English, and I learned some Portuguese in exchange. Before going to bed I had to give mom a call because I knew she’d want to hear from me. After only four days here I already feel welcome in Brazil.


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