Monday in France

by Marie-Louise ’16

Today was the first day of service, and our first day of accompanying our French correspondants to their high school, Lycée Kastler. It was evident that the early wake-up call was a challenge for most of us, as we arrived with eyes half open and reluctant to get to work. But soon after we split up to walk to our service locations, where we spent the day helping out in classrooms of various sizes and ages.

Winter, Brian, and Chris spent time working alongside five and six year olds at the preschool, or l’école maternelle, Simone and Alessandra played with the babies, and Marcus and Max laughed with the three to five year olds. On the other hand, I am at the elementary school a bit further away from Lycée Kastler, where I worked in a classroom of six, seven, and eight year olds with various learning difficulties and disabilities as well as some behavioral issues.

We returned to the Lycée Kastler to have a delicious lunch in the cafetaria, or “la cantine”, with our French correspondants. The break was refreshing and well-appreciated, but we quickly returned to our schools to continue the day.

After a couple more hours with the children it was time to go our separate ways and to return home to our host families, who were eager to hear all about our busy days. All in all, our first day of service was a success, and our French is rapidly improving.

A bientôt!

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