Learning about Recycling in Nicaragua

An update from Hamilton and Molly. 

First, we have to say how impressed we are with the students on the trip. They have taken to their work in the school with gusto, they are eating the food, enjoying each other’s presence, and making friends with their counterparts at La Nicaraguita. As we type this, we can hear their happy laughter through the window.

Now a little bit about today’s activities. Today our activities revolved around recycling and building awareness about our environment. The younger children came to school dressed in all manner of discarded goods — aluminum foil, bottle caps, newspaper, all mixed up in a colorful and creative display. We then paraded around the neighborhood with our own George School students playing the drums and a form of guiro. There was happiness and excitement in the classrooms as the students showed off their impressive outfits.

In the afternoon, we went to visit two recycling plants, one in la Subasta that cleaned and compacted plastics, metals, and paper, all to be exported to other countries for further processing. The other plant, in Tipitapa, managed mountains of discarded bottles of clear, blue, green, silver, and others, and processed them to chips to be exported to China or elsewhere in Central America to be turned into polyesther or other re-used products. While we were impressed with the work done to remove waste from the streets, our experience was not without concern, given the harsh conditions under which the workers labored. The safety standards were far below what we would have expected, and our fellow teachers at La Nicaraguita more than shared our sentiments.

All in all, today was another eye-opening experience. We’re looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.

Con amor desde Nicaragua,

Hamilton and Molly

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