Day 2 in Nicaragua

by Sam ’16

I started my day in the best way possible : with nineteen five-and six-year-olds, my first graders, crowding me in a group hug. The best part of it all is that they were dressed up in Halloween costumes for the school’s twenty-fourth anniversary. We had a little parade outside with songs and dances while we sat with our kids and died of their cuteness. The time with these kids always leaves us with tons of stories that we share endlessly with each other over lunch.

Our second day of being with the secondary school kids went a lot better. We’re becoming more courageous talking with them even if their timidness renders them speechless. On the way back to Rafaela’s home with the group, I was accompanied by a thirteen-year-old student and the conversation just felt easy. It’s sometimes rough to realize that these kids are cooler than most of us and yet they’re four years younger.Wow, what a day!

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  1. Polly Lodge

    Those kids are so cute! They must also be overwhelming. I hope everyone is settling into their homestay and using their Spanish as much as possible – immersion is so helpful for language acquisition. Please send my regards to Rafaela and enjoy the mangos!

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