First Day of Service in France

Monday, March 9

First day at school. We were so busy getting the students settled today that we came back without any photos. We’ll take some tomorrow. Everyone is doing fine!! Each student was in their own classroom, helping out one teacher at a time, filling in and doing whatever the teacher needed them to do. Today’s schedule looked a lot like tomorrow’s:

before 8:00 – arrive at Lycée Kastler, school of host siblings.
8:00 – arrive at service site (work work work)
11:30 – leave for lunch (in cafeteria of Lycée, with host siblings)
1:30 – return to service site (work work work)
3:45 – leave service site to go back to Lycée
4:00 – some students attend classes with their siblings
5:00 – return home with siblings
8:00 – ish – dinner!

This afternoon, Max and Marcus opted out of taking care of babies for helping out with 3-5 year olds. They switched with Alessandra and Simone. Brian, Chris and Winter are in the same school assisting teachers with kids aged 2-5. Marie-Louise is working at a different school with kids aged 5-8. Today she worked with kids many of whom have family problems. Great work!

Tomorrow, the same and then we will prepare for Paris on Wed. – Sat.

Tomorrow we will start the students writing for the blog!! Yea!

Hope you’re all well, proud of yourselves for letting go of your kids on this fantastic adventure.

A demain.


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One response to “First Day of Service in France

  1. Larry

    Thanks for the Monday blog. Sounds productive with a break in France. Larry

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